I’ll be seeing you

… in all the old familiar places… Yes, the song from the sappy chick flick, The Notebook… Anyway, when I first posted a poem, I decided to at least write a blog that related to the poem, whether it was the inspiration behind it, the process or thoughts that come to mind when I wrote or reread the poem. When I wrote The Everlasting, I thought of an old friend. I titled it “The Everlasting” because it was a conversation that created an everlasting goodbye and everlasting pain to an everlasting love for a not- so everlasting friendship. So I wrote it to let go of some frustration, sadness and anger that I refused to let go of, but it was time. And to begin to let go of all these feelings, I had to start with the beginning of the end, but that’s a story for a different time. Let me know if you want to hear it, also leave a comment below or on the poem of how you relate to The Everlasting.


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