Coming to the End

Now that 2017 is finally over and 2018 will finally begin, I, like many people on this Earth, have done some thinking and some overview of my year. I have started. I have ended. I have shared. I have isolated. I have laughed and loved. I have been sad and lonely. I have lost and I have gained. If there is one thing to remember about the year 2017, it is that I have done SO many things. I have been to SO many places and met SO many people. If I went back to the beginning of 2017, I would see an upset, brooding person who almost hated the entire world. If you asked this person what it was she was doing with her life and what it was she looked forward to, the answer would be complicated, of course, but it would honestly be “nothing”.

This is not to say that I have changed drastically throughout the year, or that I have found the light or meaning or purpose to life and find myself living to the fullest, but I can now honestly say that I want to move on. I started the year off not knowing the direction I was going or what path I was even on and absolutely no motivation to even try to figure any of this out. I mean, I still don’t know where I am but I know that I can at least try moving forward instead of looking for an end or a way to escape my situation. This is completely cheesy, but 2018 better watch out because I am coming for it.


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