We Crawl in the Night

Here’s to all the dreamers, writers, believers.

I find it amazing that there are so many people in this world who feel at home, either with pencil and paper or with their laptop at the ready. They string along words from inside their brains to create magic and art. They feel more comfortable sitting alone, in the dark, penciling in their thoughts or tapping away their stress, writing books, blogs, poems, whatever, with the intent to share… or not, but definitely with the intent to create. It is so wonderful to know that people can be passionate about turning darkness into a way for others to see light or changing thoughts and memories into moving pictures for others to see. I find it absolutely marvelous that there are people who thrive at night, letting go of demons who seem to feel brave in black, and showing them that slowly with words we can begin to conquer. It is a glorious feeling to know that there are other humans who feel more powerful in the full swing of the night, conjuring up hope, faith, confidence, and can easily, with just a witty thought, make people feel pain, betrayal and suffering. I think it’s spectacular that others feel best when crawling in the night, searching for inspiration to let their creative minds fly…

…or maybe that’s just me.


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