Houses do not make homes

Three weeks ago I packed my things and hopped on a plain back to California for Winter Break. I was a little hesitant, as I am every time I think about going back to Cali. There isn’t anything wrong with California, in fact I absolutely love it. I lived in a city that wasn’t too far from any place you wanted to go. I lived in the desert and it was only about a 2 hour drive from any other weather besides hot. I could easily go to the beaches, mountains or be in another country if I wanted. The reason I think I’m always hesitant about going back is because of the experiences I had while living there. I had friends and family that raised me right and to believe in me, but I always felt as though there was something missing. I always felt out of place, wanting to be somewhere else.

I’ve always been a city girl that lived in the heat, but loved the rain. I’ve always loved the beach and wanted to be close to the water and living in the desert didn’t always fulfill my needs. I always dreamed of getting away and being somewhere else, I’m sure like most people, even if I didn’t know where that was exactly. It wasn’t until I was looking for school that I decided to research those that were outside of California. It was an extremely difficult decision between being by the ocean or in the rain or in a place completely different. Eventually, I did a coin toss (literally) and packed up and moved to Washington. What do you picture when you think of Washington? I pictured some mountains, lots of rain and gloomy days and absolutely NO SUN, which I didn’t mind. However, when I first landed near the school, it was not what I expected, basically it was like a small farm town, but I didn’t want to feel like I had made the wrong decision so I kept my thoughts positive, for once.

All I have to say is that it WAS NOT California. There was warmth from a sun that, to me, shone more golden than yellow. There was tons and tons of trees, and I have a great affection for trees AND there were seasons. I absolutely enjoyed watching the golden sun shine through the green trees that in just a couple months turned from a burnt orange to a fire-y red and then seamlessly falling off the trees until they were bare branches waiting to pull through the cold weather to begin again. Just before leaving for winter break, there were small flakes that fell from the sky that just kept falling until the floors, the trees, and the cars were covered in snow and it was absolutely beautiful.

My trip to California wasn’t so bad. I hung out with old friends and met new little family members. Walking into my room was a little odd because it seemed empty, bare and lacking personality. I half unpacked my stuff and kept it in a corner of my old room and about a week later it was a mess. I had clothes folded in one corner, an open suitcase in another and arts and craft supplies in another, until it was almost time to leave.

I started packing until everything was put away and my room was bare again. I was gone just as fast as I had gotten there and I didn’t mind. I get this warm feeling when I think about my new home in Washington. It’s a feeling that I’ve never felt, a feeling of… I’m not entirely sure, but maybe… happiness? All I know is that I’ve never felt more at peace and at home in such a random place as this, and I like it.


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