Sleeping in Another Place

A boy shot himself today. He went home after dropping off a friend, went home and shot himself. We don’t know for sure why people do these things, but we do know that it hurts. It hurts a lot to see someone go. This got me thinking about the past. It got me thinking of feelings I remember hurt so bad, but did they hurt like this? I am currently filled with so much emotion and I don’t know what else to do but write. A friend was talking about this boy and his friend like she knew him, like it hurt her so bad, personally, to hear the news. I personally feel like it’s sick to talk about someone’s death and someone’s loss as if it was their own. I know they didn’t mean it this way, but I can only imagine the number of people who will speak kind words about this boy as if they knew what he was like every single day as he walked through the halls of school, the street he lived on, the place he worked in. However, if there is one thing to say to other people about this incident is that if you are feeling this way, go to someone, anyone. There are hotlines for things like this, people, places, hobbies that can ease our sorrows. I know what it’s like to feel like there is too much to bear and I know what it’s like to hear that anything is a better option than this and I know we don’t always want to hear it. So this is for the people who have lost hope, for the people who have had to bear the pain of losing someone to suicide, this is for everyone. The human brain is so complex, our thoughts so intricate that only that person can understand and feel what they are feeling so deeply. We do not know others in the only way they know themselves. We do not and can not feel what others are feeling, but anyone can always try. I am NOT saying suicide is the answer, in fact, it should never be the answer. Others, though, have to understand that life is hard and we have to make a difference so that others can feel wanted, loved, appreciated. It is not enough to just talk. It is not enough to just talk about change, We Have To Be It.


Call 1-800-273-8255

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