Fly away little bird

I’ve been thinking about you these last couple days. Except, now, when I think of you it, it isn’t sad, it isn’t lonely, it isn’t hurt, it’s just you. I think of you and I wish you the very best, little bird. You were always telling me how I needed to find my wings so that I could learn to fly, but I think it was always you that was lost. You needed to find where you were going even though I knew you were trying. I am too. So, wherever you are, just know that I’m in search for my wings too and maybe we’ll meet again someday, maybe we won’t. I used to think that I needed that in order to keep going, but now I’ve learned that I don’t. I don’t need you. I don’t need you. That’s another reason why I had to leave. If I stayed, you would never see that you were putting me on too high of a pedestal, sometimes I thought you were waiting for me to fall. Instead of falling, I jumped.

Fly away, birdy. I don’t think I’ll ever see you, but know that sometimes… I think of you.


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