Binge watchers

Here’s to all the binge watchers, the couch lovers, the “I’m gonna stay in bed all day-ers”, the “I’m in a committed relationship with netflix-ers”, I completely understand. I been binge watching horror and thriller films and some shows for the past couple days now, that it’s a little difficult to remember what the sunlight looks like. A few of my recommendations are things like, Shameless (which is an absolutely hilariously awesome show that isn’t suitable for the younger ones), The Killing (a great crime show), American Horror Story, Slasher. Then movies like the Chucky and Child’s Play series, suspenseful films like The Perfect Host, Creep, Would You Rather, Curve. I think if your into suspense films, these are all great and I hope you guys like them, if not let me know why. Of course, these aren’t for everyone, some of them are stupid and I don’t know why I continue to watch. If you have any recommendations of your own let me know in the comments.


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