Let Me Go

“If you love me let me go…” One of the most cheesiest, stupidest things I’ve ever heard that couldn’t be more relevant. And the story goes…

the boy is persistent, the girl doesn’t fuck with assholes who think they’re the shit, the boy continues to chase after the girl he claims to “know”, she continues to believe the boy is no good, the boy and girl become friends because they both go through drastic “hard times” and they think the only people who understand is the other person, all the while he falls in love with her knowing she is dangerous and she continues to listen to the sweet nothings he whispered in her ear because she just wanted someone to listen. Fast forward 5 years and they go back and forth between helping each other and tearing each other down, a complete emotionally unstable tragedy. He loves her so much, she loves him so little. He decides he can’t take the pain she causes, so she has to leave. He decides that they’d be better off if they end it and move on, grow. She was surprisingly heartbroken and it took her a while to understand that she could no longer pick up the phone and call him because it only caused him more pain, she could no longer text him or leave him any hidden messages. The agreement they made a couple months ago was that they weren’t allowed to contact each other, not through text or call or poetry or social medias. She promised herself she’d be strong this time. This time, she would resist the urge to want him when she didn’t need him. They were quitting each other cold turkey, like they were each others drug, one loved the other too much and the other not enough but he was the only thing she knew. He wanted more from her and she couldn’t bear to get too close. So they became friends and remained just that for months, years…best friends even, they lit each others matches and burned out and that’s where it ends.

Until he breaks the rules and decides to call her 2 months later…


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