The Battle at Stephens…

Four girls, one room, one conversations that opens the doors to some stuff they all thought they’d left behind within the halls of their high school. Except this time they weren’t in high school, in fact, they were now too old for the petty drama of who invited who or who wasn’t or who was brave enough to talk about their beef with someone face to face. Yet, there was still hurt feelings because of things like being talked about behind your back or questioning friends’ loyalty. They thought they had left these problems behind when they put on their caps walked across the stage, when they packed their bags and drove or flew miles away from the people they once knew, when they decided to leave their pasts behind them. Apparently it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

So they they sat… “talking it out like adults”. Two girls in tears and two with their hands over their mouths trying not to laugh in their uncomfortable situation. They explained to each other how they made each other feel… One was unexplainably angry ALL the time and she just didn’t want to be around them (although she would soon be taking medication to help her anger), another was pissed that she had to live with her and felt hopeless and guilty for not being able to help her and taking the brunt of the bursts of rage, another felt unwanted and disliked because of her insecurities and her past relationships with backstabbing friends, and another stuck in the middle of it all, not wanting to take sides and wanting to help everyone at all times, often forgetting herself.

And so they sat, debating and hurting and healing with every word that was said and every hour that passed. However, there was still so much anger and hurt and so much time had passed with the girls carrying broken hearts that talking it out didn’t seem to be able to heal the damage. Some asked why it even mattered if they continued to try to work out their dilemma, if it even mattered that they remained friendly or friends for that matter if the end of the year was coming in just two weeks, if in just two short weeks they’d be back in their homes enjoying their summer hopefully drama free.

Talking out their problems was the first step to recovery but they were nowhere near recovering…


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